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FLV Player

Free FLV Player is a standalone application to play Flash video files (FLV) on your computer. It is easy to install and customize this flash video player and enjoy watching movies online.

MP3 Player

Free MP3 Player for websites allows playing music and organizing it in playlists. You can change background color, arrange playlists, show the playing album cover image or any logo. Anyway, you can choose a minimalistic style of the widget.


Dear Brother Wilson, Thanks for your tech. We are now using your MP3 player in our church website. Thanks & God bless you. Regards, Chamath

- Chamath

Hello Mr. Wilson , My Name is Daniel. I want to thank you for your good work done and your effort to help others as well. I was directed to your website from google while i was searching for how to embed an audio player in my website. Thank you and once again i appreciate your effort.

- Daniel


- Flash Shoutbox to Make Money

If you were to look on the internet now you would be able to find a selection of over 200 options to express creative blogs and how to increase traffic to your blog. The information is also available to make his reader's attention or increase the credibility of your blog. These sites would be worth reading, but his true self?

- 5 Tips to Engage Users with Shoutbox

Here we talk a lot about the prospective benefits of free flash tools, but the main idea is: People Just Wanna Have Fun. (Remember the song?) You should be interesting. The same should be the information you share.

- Shoutbox for Blog

Shoutbox for Blog or a website is a great tool to foster your online community building. Tagboard can engage more visitors in informal communication.

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